Artist Insight: Competition Shows - More Harm than Good

Each year, thousands of hopefuls spend time, energy and money traveling to audition cities to get their chance to defy the odds and get the ‘golden ticket.’  A ticket that is supposed to grant them access to their lifelong dream of becoming a recording artist.  However, more often than not, the only result is a fleeting period of social media likes and comments.  Here is why you may want to reconsider auditioning for a competition show:

It is not a singing competition, it is a show about a singing competition
TV is all about conflict.  Ask any writer and they will tell you that every scene of a show has to have some type of conflict.  This is no different with competition shows.  It is the job of the show’s producers to make sure that conflict is present, even if it interferes with artistry.  You have very little control.  Song selection, wardrobe, pairings, production elements are all determined by the producers.  It is unfortunate, but the producers will always choose the show over you and your career.

Social media followers are not your fans
Many artists reconcile being part of the cast of a show with the exposure and followers that one can achieve.  However, the problem is that, the majority of the people that will follow you are not your fans, they are fans of the show.  You are just one person in yet another season of The Voice.  These new followers are just that and most often do not translate into a fan base for you.  Additionally, you are only “hot” in the moment, once eliminated or by the end of the season you become old news.

Even the winners lose
The contracts associated with the shows are so one-sided that it makes it difficult to pursue a career post show.  There are stipulations about everything, essentially the contract is a document meant to smother any artists’ opportunity to make more money than the show.  

So, “how does one ‘make it’ you ask?” Be true to yourself, be honest and be great; the rest will come. Greatness cannot be ignored.