The Story of Affective Music

Affective Music was born out of the philosophy of its founder and principal, David S. Hargrett — “music has the power to heal, change and set free, when this happens it is what I call ‘affective music;” the music in which I believe.” An evolution of 360 Artist Management, the company launched in 2019 providing as a music servicing company that is a record label, management company and consultancy. “When I started as 360 Artist Management, that is all we did — artist management. As the company began to grow and offer more services, I felt that I had to rebrand with a name that was all encompassing, thus Affective Music” said David S.

At the center of the company’s mission: people. From artists to listeners and enthusiasts, we believe in the power of music and its ability to soundtrack the world in which we live and the life experiences we encounter. Every thing that we do has purpose that supports our ultimate goal: to move music forward so that the world may experience moments of humanity.