Mykal Kilgore |

A Man Born Black

Hear the debut release from award-winning singer, Mykal Kilgore.

Music has the power to heal, inspire and connect us. When this happens, it is what we call ‘affective music;’ the music in which we believe.

Affective Music Artists


Mykal Kilgore

Mykal Kilgore’s artistry cuts through traditional barriers and represents the hope of gospel, the soul of R&B, and the vulnerability of country. His debut release, A Man Born Black, is an exploration of faith, loss, the stumble and spills on the way to maturity, and the beauty of hope and love.


Jamison Ross

Jamison Ross is a singer and drummer that delivers messages of humanity through the medium of jazz.  His second album All for One via Concord Jazz is his latest expression of artistry.  “This record is an expression of my concept of the many shades of love that the world needs," said Jamison.